Get Localized Comfort from Our Mini-Split Systems in Waldorf, MD

Have you noticed hot or cold spots in your home? Made any renovations or additions to your home? These are some of the most common reasons that lead people to ductless, mini-split systems. Different from traditional air conditioning installation jobs, putting in a mini-split could be the efficient cooling solution you’ve been looking for.

If you have questions about a mini-split system, the experts at Bennett Air have answers. We train our technicians extensively in all types of cooling technology including ductless mini-splits. With our help, we can determine the best way to implement a mini-split into your home.

And as your local heating and cooling service company, we look for other ways to support you as well. For example, qualified customers are eligible for additional financing options perfect for comfort on a budget. While other companies might try to push for other services or equipment, our only priority is you.

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Unsure What a Mini-Split Is? Here Are Some Answers

Mini-split systems go by several other names, including split-system, multi-split system and split-ductless system. Whatever you call it, a ductless mini-split cooling system can provide reliable comfort without needing to be connected to the rest of your HVAC equipment.

They’re called split systems because they’re made up of two distinct units. One unit is for the room or space you want to cool while the other is placed outside nearby. Mini-splits don’t require ductwork either, saving you on installation costs.

3 Benefits Unique to a Mini-Split System

1. Unequaled Flexibility

Mini-split air conditioning systems are ideal for fine-tuned temperature control. You can address small or localized cooling concerns more quickly and easily. This is especially useful when you spend larger amounts of time in a given part of your home. If it needs a little extra attention from your HVAC system, a ductless mini-split can accomplish just that.

2. Quiet and Compact Design

These units are much smaller than a traditional central air conditioner. You can easily install them in nooks and crannies that just wouldn’t be enough for a centralized system. Less machinery also means less noise, making mini-splits some of the quietest cooling solutions available today.

3. Lower Costs and Energy Use

Taking steps to ensure your central AC reaches every part of the house can result in surprise costs you weren’t prepared for. A ductless mini-split system requires less of everything, including tune-ups, maintenance, ductwork and energy for proper function. You could see lower cooling bills as a result, which can make up a large portion of your monthly utility costs.

4. Good for Renovations and Additions

Sometimes it’s only after the work is complete do homeowners realize their renovations have disrupted their HVAC system. Installing a mini-split system can manage the temperature of a new area as effectively as investing in a bunch of new ductwork. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about the mess more renovation work results in.

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