Enjoy Comfortable Temperatures with Heat Pump Repair in St. Charles, MD

If you’re looking for professional heat pump repair in St. Charles, MD, why not consider Bennett Air? Since 1994, we’ve been helping customers in and around southern Maryland with a wide range of HVAC services. Repairing your heat pump is a fast, stress-free process thanks to our experienced technicians.

They have the tools and training to diagnose all kinds of common and surprise problems. We’re sure we can help get your heat pump back to normal, so call us right away to schedule your own repair appointment. You can reach Bennett Air today at 301-638-3000.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Heat Pump

A common question asked at the start of repairs is: Is it worth it? Sometimes the damage is too severe, to the point where you’re better off replacing the heat pump entirely. But other service companies might take advantage of the situation, claiming you’re better off with a new model even if your existing heat pump is still in good shape.

When choosing between repairing or replacing your heat pump, consider:

  • Its age – Heat pumps typically survive between 10 to 20 years. If your heat pump is getting older, problems are more likely to appear. You could even avoid a surprise breakdown by replacing it before it gets too old.
  • Cost of repairs – A sure sign you’re better off with new installation is if the cost of repairs adds up to over half the price of a new one.
  • Day to-day-performance – Are you hearing strange sounds or struggling with inconsistent temperature control? A heat pump isn’t worth keeping around if it can’t provide adequate heating and cooling as advertised.

An experienced technician from Bennett Air can help you make the best choice. If you decide to complete repairs, we’ll take care of everything else. Before you know it, your heat pump is back to normal. But don’t worry if you decide not to keep your old heat pump, because our heat pump installation service is just as effective.

How Does Bennett Air Handle Repairs?

We take every repair project as seriously as we do any other service. You deserve effective repairs and the peace of mind they’ll provide lasting relief. The service fee for repair calls includes travel costs and the time it takes for a technician to troubleshoot your equipment.

We’ll perform a full diagnostic and compile our findings in a written report. This includes the estimated cost for any needed replacement parts. We’ll discuss the report with you before proceeding with repairs in case there are multiple options. Any replacement components used are supported by a 5-year parts and labor warranty.

Trust Bennett Air for Quality Heat Pump Repair

The next time your heat pump breaks down, let us know right away! We’ll have a solution ready fast, so why not give Bennett Air a call today? You can schedule an appointment or ask our staff about other services. Give us a call at (301)-638-3000 to get started.