Commercial HVAC Service

Our commercial HVAC service in Waldorf, MD, and surrounding areas are designed to help you save energy and money. Schedule an appointment today!


At Bennett Air, we know your commercial HVAC system needs can differ from your home’s heating and cooling requirements. That’s why our team of experienced commercial HVAC contractors knows the ins and outs of both.
We offer a full suite of affordable HVAC services to commercial customers throughout southern Maryland. Whether you need commercial HVAC service, maintenance or a full system replacement, our team of specialists at Bennett Air can help you.

HVAC filter

Our licensed and certified professionals understand your complex HVAC system and will partner with you to keep it running safely and efficiently. Our goal is to help eliminate money-wasting problems and prolong the life of your system. We can also show you how today’s high-efficiency systems can pay for themselves in a few years!

When it comes to commercial HVAC companies in Waldorf, MD, Bennett Air is among the best in the area. Call us at 301-638-3000 to learn how we can help keep your building costs low and ensure you get the most from your equipment!

Commercial HVAC Repair

A properly functioning heating and cooling system is critical to your success. We know your system typically breaks down at the worst possible time, so our professionals are here to help through emergency commercial HVAC repair for all brands. At Bennett Air, our job is not done until your business is comfortable again through affordable commercial HVAC repair in Waldorf, MD, and surrounding areas.

Commercial HVAC Installation

Whether you’re due to replace your commercial HVAC system or are looking for an energy-efficient upgrade, Bennett Air can expertly handle your commercial HVAC installation. We specialize in designing and building custom systems that meet your needs and help you save more on energy costs.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Keep your heating and cooling running smoothly with commercial HVAC maintenance. Bennett Air offers custom maintenance plans for your commercial HVAC units that can reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, increase energy efficiency and may even help them last longer.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Energy-efficient construction is great for lowering your energy bills. But not so great for indoor air quality since everyday pollutants can build up quickly in airtight buildings. We offer a full range of services, including UV lights for commercial HVAC, air purification systems, HEPA filters and more.