Keep Comfort Flowing Smoothly with an Air Handler in Waldorf, MD

Did you know that the design of your home influences what HVAC equipment is most efficient? Traditional air conditioners and furnaces come with all necessary components to maintain comfortable temperatures, but they’re not your only options. Other systems like heat pumps can provide effective heating and cooling, but they do best with a little extra help.

That’s where an air handler comes in. A quality air handler can make up the primary component of a heat pump-based HVAC system. When they work together properly, they can handle your sense of comfort as easily as any furnace and air conditioner can.

Bennett Air can provide quality installation and upkeep for air handler systems thanks to our team of extensively trained technicians. We’ll help you get set up with top brands at affordable prices, with all the support you could need. This includes emergency service for nights and weekends as well as routine maintenance. You can even count on us to keep costs down, thanks to additional financing options.

You deserve professional service regardless of the type of HVAC equipment you use. Why not chat with the experts at Bennett Air to learn what an air handler can offer you? We can also help you request an estimate or appointment. To get started, give us a call today at 301-638-3000.

What Is an Air Handler?

Unless you already own a heat pump, you may not know what an air handler does. Luckily the name is pretty literal, because these systems “handle” air and ensure it flows correctly through your ductwork! They’re usually located in your attic, basement or even a small closet.

While it can resemble a furnace, an air handler circulates both warm and cool air depending on current thermostat settings. With a blower motor, evaporator coil and an air filter, your air handler has just about everything it needs to get the job done. The only difference is that unlike a stand-alone furnace or air conditioner, an air handler needs the heat pump to work properly. This is because a heat pump only transfers existing heat in or out of your home rather than producing it. In order to transfer heat efficiently, an air handler picks up the slack.

It’s important to make sure your air handler is the correct size. Both your home and heat pump should be balanced with an air handler to ensure airflow is efficient. If the circulation is too weak, you’ll need much more energy and money to maintain pleasant temperatures indoors.

3 Benefits of an Air Handler System

  1. Efficient circulation — An air handling system is one of the most effective options for improving HVAC airflow in heat pump-based systems. We also offer quality heat pump installation and repair services, and can help you streamline your HVAC equipment all at once.
  2. Lower energy use — Since heat pumps and air handlers don’t generate their own temperature control, you won’t need as much energy or fuel as you would for traditional heating/cooling equipment.
  3. Ideal for mild climates — Air handlers are an excellent choice in temperate climates. The temperature indoors or outdoors will be enough to maintain your sense of comfort most of the year. In the long run, you could see excellent savings on your monthly utility bill.

Why You Should Choose Bennett

Bennett Air is your premier source for a wide range of quality HVAC services. We can keep your air handler in excellent condition, with a friendly and affordable process our customers appreciate.

  • Our top priority is you: An air handler system benefits from the experience of a professional. Our technicians can help you find and maintain the most efficient setup for your HVAC equipment to ensure costs are as low as possible.
  • Emergency support when you need it most: Other companies only work during normal business hours. Bennett Air provides effective repairs at night or on the weekend because we know problems can’t always wait for the convenient fix.
  • We install and support your other equipment: Take advantage of our heat pump maintenance program to keep the other half of your equipment in good shape! We work with top brands like Lennox®, Coleman®, Goodman® and many more to ensure we’re up-to-date on the best comfort technology.

Trust the experts at Bennett to provide what you need with the customer service and prices you want. Our support staff is standing by to answer questions or provide a free estimate for any of our products. And when you’re ready to install an air handler, give us a call! You can reach us at 301-638-3000 to begin.